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The Kilted Monkey: BLONDIE'S BOOKS FROM FRIENDS (BFFs): Blondie's Books From Friends (BFFs) Blondie's Books From Friends (BFFs) Welcome to Blondie's First Author Sp...


Blondie's Books From Friends (BFFs)

Blondie's Books From Friends (BFFs)

Welcome to Blondie's First Author Spotlight

I wanted to introduce you to a few of my close author friends who have been supportive of my writing. I hope you will take a few minutes to check out their new books and follow their blogs and social media sites as a favor to me. You will not be disappointed. I have very good taste in friends as you will see these are quality folks, and mighty fine authors with great stories to tell. While you're doing your holiday shopping, consider adding a few of their titles to your wish list, gift list, and e-readers! I know I am!

There is something for all tastes with these 7 Books From Friends (BFFs) with very diverse subjects ranging from a science fiction tale from a NASA Astrophysicist to a Chef's love story. There is an autobiographical story from Kenya and a horror ballet frightmare to thrill you, with two short story collections with real world character driven tales. Finally a horror Christmas story sure to make you look at the holidays a little differently.

If you purchase any of these books please take a few minutes to write a review on Amazon. This is the bread and butter for the Indie author -- reviews! I would love for you to share this post so we can get as much attention as possible for these great authors. Thank you!

So without further adieu -- Blog readers, please meet my BFFs...

Terry Tyler

How Do I Know the Aqualicious Ms. K J Waters?

Terry Tyler, Author of 7 Books
We are but online friends, alas, but then that’s the way with so many people these days, isn’t it? I ‘met’ KJ when I first joined Twitter two years ago – I had just published my first book on Amazon and I was told I need to tweet to promote it. I joined Twitter but wasn’t at all sure what to do, so I just used to chat to people; KJ was one of the first with whom I did. She calls me ‘Glodie’ because I remind her of Goldie Hawn (all we have in common are the wrinkles, but never mind!), and I make a lot of typos, so have been known to refer to myself as ‘Glodie’….! *Terry is covering for me. I was the typo maker.*

KJ and I have since become Facebook friends, followed each others’ fledgling (now well established!) blogs, and I’m massively dying to read her debut novel Stealing Time, when it comes out. I’ve been waiting for it for two years – hurricanes and time travel? It’s so far up my street it’s practically through the door, down the hall way and in the living room!

My Latest Book
Very soon, very, very soon, I shall be publishing my seventh book, which is a collection of nine short stories called Nine Lives. It will be free on publication, for five days only, so please look out for it – I know KJ will tweet about it! *Of course I will Terry!*

Nine Lives does not have a single theme; the stories are about such things as extra-marital affairs, jealousy, weight loss, first love, mistakes made under the influence of alcohol – much like what I write about in my novels! I’m planning publication day will be November 20, so I hope you will download!

Thank you very much for featuring me, KJ, and I am proud to be one of your BFFs!

If you would like to take a look at my books, here are the links to my author pages: Terry Tyler on Amazon UK and Terry Tyler Amazon USA.

Terry's snarky and fun blog: Terry Tyler's Blog

Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook

John Malik

John Malik, Author and
Award Winning Chef
I love salt water. I love being tossed about by the waves and I love feeling the tug and push of the tides. I find it mesmerizing. I can’t think of a better example to describe our planet’s forces of nature. Get into the salt water on an East coast beach and you won’t need to think about how complex our planet is, you’ll feel it.

I think KJ shares that same love for salt water and that’s why I love reading her blog. She clearly understands the attraction. There’s a sensuality to being immersed in warm salt water and there’s a wonderful attraction to being part of the ocean’s complexity.

The grit of the sand, the brine of the water, the possibility of an encounter with a fish, crab, urchin or jellyfish is irresistible to me. Sure I’ve been stung, pinched, bumped and bit by all matters of sea creatures but I expect that when I jump into the ocean. I think KJ shares that sentiment. And I’m pretty sure she’s part mermaid. *I am, John, it's true.*

If you’re looking for a love story, take a look at KJ’s novel, Stealing Time. It features a hurricane as the central character and there’s a bit of time travel too. *He's kidding, it is a thriller. I do love severe weather, though, he's right about that!*

My Novel

And what about my novel, Doughnuts for Amy? Well I’ve been picked up by a publisher, Winter Goose. Doughnuts for Amy isn’t currently for sale. It will return in late Spring of 2014. I would love for you to become a follower of my writing.


You can connect with me on my Facebook fan page or on Twitter and my blog.

*I asked John to submit a few paragraphs for this Author Spotlight blog and he completely shocked and delighted me with an entire post called Blondie in the Water on his blog 'Chef John Malik -- A Writer Trapped in a Chef's Body.' See the full post here. Thank you again, John! You are amazing!*

Wendy Potocki

Wendy Potocki, Author of 6 Novels
Ahoy Mateys and Manatees!

The meeting of K J, a.k.a. Blondie, was quite natural since we both frequent the same ocean. You see, I’m a navy seal … and I’m not talking military. I mean that I’m literally a dark blue seal. You know, the kind that claps and balances things on their nose for treats? In fact, Blondie taught me those tricks.

Now while some may eschew my rather elegant blue coloring, the only real problem I’ve encountered is finding suitable flippers. They’re almost always black—and navy paired with black is a big fashion faux pas. And in case you’re wondering if any of this is true, I should add that I relentlessly create fiction to spice things up. When I was young, it was called lying, but it’s now known as creative license. *Wendy, you're crazy! ;)x, but in the best way possible!*

My Latest Thriller -- Black Adagio

I put that imagination to good use in my latest thriller entitled BLACK ADAGIO. The genre is horror, but this frightmare can be read by anyone 15 and up. The description is as follows: Melissa Solange is presented the chance of a lifetime. Chosen as a member of a new dance company, she works tirelessly perfecting the one element of ballet she's never mastered—the adagio.

As she rehearses, a dark force watches. Resurrected by the surprise addition of a classic ballet to the repertoire, the sinister work is thought to be cursed—destroying anyone who attempts to dance it. When the production's lead dancers begin to disappear, the old warning is taken more seriously. A death worshipping cult called The Innocents is blamed, but Melissa is not so sure. They may be the scapegoat for an ultimate evil living in the woods of Holybrook. Desperate for an answer, she searches for what lurks in the shadows of the old trees before she becomes the next victim of the Danse Macabre.


Jeri Walker-Bickett

Jeri Walker-Bickett, Author
and Freelance Editor
I first encountered KJ in my earliest days on Twitter. She was a larger-than-life figure in 140 characters or less. In the months that followed, she’d occasionally say a hello or make a wisecrack.

When she posted on Blondie in the Water to ask for input on choosing a cover for Stealing Time, I think that’s when we started to get to know each other better. She is very open to learning all she can, and not afraid to ask for help. I find that kind of openness very appealing.

Once we friended each other on Facebook, I became even more aware of her awesome sense of humor. *Aw shucks, thanks Jeri*
My Short Story Collection

Such is Life contains realistic short stories that feature characters down on their luck, yet stubborn enough to move on. A tryst between a carnival worker and a pretty high school student begs the question of who takes advantage of who.

A young man’s encounter with a drug addict finds him striking out on his own in hopes of a better life. An English teacher publishes literature deemed inappropriate by a Mormon community. A mother goes on a quest to get rid of the family’s aggressive pet. Finally, New Orleans provides the backdrop for a stroll with a psychotic housewife.

JeriWB writes short stories, creative nonfiction, and psychological suspense. The rough Idaho mining town she grew up in populates her literary landscape. She also works as a freelance editor.

You can buy Such is Life at Amazon Author Central
Blog JeriWB: What do I know?
Elisha Chirchir,
Author and Software Developer

Elisha Chirchir

Once in a long while, you run into strangers online not knowing what will come out of it. Some will help you set up Facebook pages while some will keep the humor jar always full. K J Waters did both for me. Trust me, her smiles and straight talk keep me on my toes.

When I learned that she was working on a book, I told her I will be the first fan to buy it - and I can’t wait! *:D *Thanks so much, E!*

My first book “My Life Sentences - A True Story” has seen some significant success especially in the United States and Europe. I attribute this to the fact that it is a true story based on my own life. It took a lot of courage to write the book, let alone publish it for the whole world to see.

In brief, it involves my personal story which is partly based in my home country Kenya (Africa) and the second part which is based in the United States. I have been humbled by the thousands of readers who have downloaded the book to date.

My book is available on Amazon: My Life in Sentences
Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest

David Batchelor

David Batchelor, Author,
NASA Astrophysicist
I met KJ on Twitter through our mutual friend Charles Munn. I have retweeted lots of KJ's humorous postings, so various editions published her writing, too. But she usually didn't notice that she was in all of those's until I told her! Guess she doesn't do much vanity searching.

I especially loved the Blondie post about the 3 bears in Jellystone (oops! Yellowstone) Park. And she's a great beach photographer and tweeter. We have both lived in Maryland and she thinks I'm in Baltimore but I really live in Beltsville. *Actually, Dave I said you're a Baltimoron, like me. Beltsville is close enough to qualify! ;)* We are both science fiction lovers and writers, so I look forward to reading Stealing Time.

My Novel

My first novel is The Metalmark Contract. It's about an alien trader who visits Earth in the near future, offering a deal for starship technology IF we trade him the planet Mercury and moon Triton of Neptune. A drama of international adventure, politics, intrigue and hard science fiction in the Asimov/Clarke flavor. Is Metalmark an honest dealer, or is it a contract with an interstellar devil?

Please peruse these reviews by The Wisdom Cube and authors Christine Rice, Yolanda Reid, and Charles Munn. *Tell me you aren't intrigued by a NASA scientist's science fiction novel!*


You are invited to follow me on Twitter.

Ron Chapman

Ron Chapman, Author and Butcher
A while ago I made a friend on Twitter who just happens to be a blonde hair, blue eyed, water loving time traveler by the name of KJ Waters. We encouraged each other about our writing and after a few months KJ convinced me to set up my blog, The Kilted Monkey. The name came from KJ’s fetish for Scotland and men in kilts, and somewhere a monkey was thrown into the mix. It’s now a running joke that if she doesn’t keep working on her book the kilted monkey will show up and crack his whip!

My first novel is a horror story called Kringle. It’s a Christmas story that includes Kris Kringle and most of the holiday legends. Kringle reveals a lot of secrets from my past that have made me into the person I am today. Along with a little bit of A Christmas Carol, Kringle is a story like no other.

My book cover is not finalized, but you can see what has inspired me for Mrs. Kringle on my blog,, Check out some of the other pictures that inspired the characters in Kringle. I have a new short story up on there called Safe Sex, if you're into Zombies, for adults only.


Find out more about me and my writings at:

Twitter, Facebook and Klout

Which Titles Catch Your Eye?

Please leave a comment and let me know what books piqued your interest and if you purchased anything. I'd like to provide some feedback to my authors. As always, thank you so much for reading my blog.

KJ Waters

I am a mom and a writer working on my first novel Stealing Time, that I'm hoping to have out this spring. It's a time travel thriller set in 2004 Florida during Hurricane Charley. Please check out my social media links below.

I would love to hear from you! Please take a minute and leave a message for me in the comments section below.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

SAFE SEX the "QUICKIE" version

From the pages of Twisted Madness comes Safe Sex, the "Quickie" version

By Ron Chapman
When it comes to safe sex, there is nothing safer than to not do it at all and let me tell you why.
            Before going out to the football field, Jimmy makes sure he has a full clip in his pistol and as soon as that’s done, he quietly sneaks out the door without making a sound then cautiously makes his way to the fence that surrounds the perimeter of the field. Amazingly he avoids all the walkers, undetected. Jimmy keeps both eyes on Olivia as he makes his way to a gate at the end of the field where Olivia is. He takes his eyes off of Olivia just long enough to make sure no walkers were after him. Once Jimmy is satisfied that the coast is clear, his eyes are back on Olivia like glue.
            Except for the pale skin, pieces of rotting flesh falling off of her, a bite mark taken out of her shoulder and her milky colored eyes, Olivia is just how Jimmy remembers her; skinny, round firm ass and big boobs. Even dead Olivia still makes Jimmy’s knees weak and his stomach feels like there are a lot of butterflies in it.
            Olivia is wearing her cheer leading uniform. It may be tattered and torn in places but to Jimmy, Olivia still looks good, walker and all.
            As Jimmy approaches the gate, Olivia suddenly looks over at Jimmy with an empty stare in her milky eyes. She turns and starts to go after him, just like he wanted. Her moans get louder as she opens her decaying mouth wider. The other walkers are alerted to Olivia’s moans of hunger for Jimmy’s flesh where upon they too are now after Jimmy.
            Jimmy hurries up and opens the gate to let out Olivia. He doesn’t wait around for Olivia to walk out after him, instead he runs around to the front of the school to get his truck. On his way back to the truck though, Jimmy encounters a slight problem. There are four walkers standing between him and his truck. Jimmy unsheathes he machete and with ninja like speed, he decapitates three of the four walkers. Before the fourth walker can put his dead hands on Jimmy, Jimmy jumps into his truck and backs over the walker on his way back around to the football field. Jimmy doesn’t bother to turn the truck around so he continues to drive it in reverse. As soon as Jimmy turns the corner of the school he sees Olivia in his rear view mirror. She is slowly walking towards the front of the school where Jimmy just came from. Olivia is being followed all the other walkers that were on the football field with her just a few minutes ago.
            Jimmy stops the truck a few feet from Olivia. He grabs a burlap sack and some rope from his back pack then gets out of his truck and runs around to the back of his truck just as Olivia reaches the truck. Jimmy runs around behind Olivia and throws the burlap sack around her head and quickly ties some rope around it so that the hood doesn’t come off. Jimmy then binds her arms to her side so that she cannot move them.
            Jimmy looks at the horde of walkers that are following Olivia. They are now about fifty feet away from tearing Jimmy apart.
            “Boy what I wouldn’t give to have Casper here now.” Jimmy tells himself as he watches the horde of walkers.
            Jimmy picks Olivia up and over his shoulders then throws her into the back of his truck bed. The rest of the walkers rush the truck just as Jimmy gets into it and closes the door. Jimmy starts the truck and speeds away. He runs over a few of the walkers as he speeds away. Olivia’s body bounces around the bed of the truck.
            It’s not long before Jimmy has left the infested town and is now on his way back home.  
            Soon Jimmy is pulling into his driveway and continues to drive straight back to the entrance of the bomb shelter. Jimmy gets out of the truck and looks around to make sure there aren’t any unwanted guests.
            Jimmy disappears into the shelter for a few minutes. Fifteen minutes later Jimmy exits the shelter.
            Jimmy opens the tail gate of the truck and carefully reaches in to pull Olivia out by her feet. She is still moaning and groaning. As Jimmy gets Olivia to her feet, she tries to take a bite out of Jimmy through the burlap sack. The sound of teeth clamping down can be heard from under the sack.
            Carefully standing behind Olivia, Jimmy quickly and carefully escorts Olivia down into the family bomb shelter.
            Once inside, there are no lights. The shelter is illuminated by dozens of candles and incents to cover up the smell of rotting flesh.
            Jimmy walks Olivia to the only bedroom in the bomb shelter. Olivia resists Jimmy directions while trying to bite Jimmy through the sack over her head as she is being led into the bedroom.
            Once inside the candle lit bedroom, Jimmy turns Olivia around so her back is facing the bed then gently pushes her back onto the bed. Before Olivia can work her way off the bed Jimmy loosely ties off one of her hands to the head board. He then quickly does the same to Olivia’s other hand. After her hands are tied Jimmy spreads Olivia’s flailing legs and does the same to her legs. Olivia is now spread eagle and tied to each corner of the bed. Jimmy steps back to look at Olivia. He could have never done this before the walkers took over. Jimmy looks at Olivia with a satisfying look on his face.
            Olivia’s moans echo throughout the bomb shelter. Her head thrashes from side to side.
            Jimmy leaves the bedroom long enough to find a pair of scissors. Jimmy starts to cut away at Olivia’s dirty cheer leading uniform until all that’s left are her dirty panties and bra. The smell coming from Olivia is unbearable but he keeps cutting. Soon her panties and bra are also off, leaving her totally naked except for the burlap sack over her head which Jimmy decides to leave on. Jimmy looks longingly at Olivia’s crotch and boobs.
            When he is done, Jimmy stands back to admires that which lies before him. Her skin might look different. She might even smell like a dying animal but to Jimmy, the walker tied to his bed is the same Olivia he knew long ago before the United States ruined everything.
            What happens next will change Jimmy for the rest of his lonely life. He is about to do something that no other person dare do.
            Jimmy wastes no time in taking off his clothes then slowly climbs on top of the decaying Olivia, being careful not to get close to her hooded face. He sticks his hard, virgin dick into Olivia’s rotten pussy. As Jimmy moves his hips back and forth. His trembling hands move along Olivia’s discolored, rotting body until he comes to her lifeless breasts. He takes them into his hands and gently caresses them. His long awaited dreams have finally come true. He is losing his virginity to his high school dream girl, even if she is dead.  
            Hours later Jimmy wakes up sitting in an arm chair, totally naked, looking up at the shelter’s ceiling. At first Jimmy doesn’t feel anything but then there is a pulling and a yanking sensation between his legs. Jimmy quickly looks down to see Olivia between his legs. She must have gotten loose some time ago and now she is having her way with Jimmy like he did with her. Olivia looks up at Jimmy with a mouth full of cock. She is chewing away at what’s left of Jimmy’s penis.
            Jimmy screams at the tops of his lungs but no one can hear him even if there was someone around outside, after all the bomb shelter is sound proof and now that he is inside the shelter, only he can let anyone in.
            Unknown to Jimmy there is a knock on the shelter doors. If only Jimmy was able to hear the knock and answer the door, he would be greeted with the biggest surprise of his life. Jimmy’s father wasn’t the only one who had a bomb shelter put into the ground.
            Casper is also with the people knocking on the shelter doors. Casper is missing a few patches of fur and a few bite marks from the walkers earlier. Casper is barking hysterically at the shelter doors.
            When no one answers, the real, living, breathing, warm bodied Olivia walks away with her father and Casper, unknown that Jimmy is just a few feet away screaming at the top of his lungs for help.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


From the pages of TWISTED MADNESS comes SAFE SEX.


By Ron Chapman

When it comes to safe sex, there is nothing safer than to not do it at all and let me tell you why.
A boy by the name of Jimmy takes his father’s old beat up pickup truck into town with his dog, Casper, a German shepherd sitting in the passenger seat. Casper looks out his window with his tongue hanging out. Jimmy looks over at Casper and gives him a few strokes on his head.
It’s so quiet, no birds chirping or radio, just Jimmy his dog and the sound of his father’s pickup truck rolling down a country road. Jimmy drives by an occasional off to the side of the road, abandoned and left for looters.
As Jimmy gets closer to town, He begins to hear the town’s church bell. Casper’s ears perk up. The sound of the church bell rings throughout the country side.
“Who the fuck? They’re going to attract the walkers.” Jimmy tells himself. Jimmy steps on the gas and speeds towards the church. As the truck races down the road, a few walkers step out of the woods and walk towards where the sound of the bell is coming from. Casper barks hysterically at the walkers as they speed by them.
Jimmy speeds through the town, right to the church. The town’s main street is beginning to fill up with hordes of walkers of all shapes, sizes, age and degrees of decay. Jimmy takes out a few along the way with his father’s truck. Casper continues to bark at the walkers. When Jimmy reaches the church, he just about rams through the front door of the church. Before Jimmy exits the truck he grabs a small hand gun. Before going into the church, he takes a quick look around and notices hordes of walkers coming out from everywhere like cock roaches. Some of them are crawling without legs while others are limping along. Casper leaps out of the passenger window and takes after the walkers, luring them away from Jimmy. It was as if Casper knew what to do. Jimmy watches as his only friend leaps into a cluster of walkers.
Casper’s barks can be heard along with the sound of flesh being ripped away. The walkers are piling on top of Casper. The walkers moan and groan as they claw and rip at Casper. Jimmy continues to watch as Casper disappears under the pile of walkers. Jimmy can still hear Casper’s barking which turns into yelping. That is when Jimmy turns and quickly but cautiously runs into the church to quiet the church bells.
When Jimmy reaches the bells, he is met with a surprise. The priest that used to give a sermon every Sunday morning turned into a walker just like the rest of the town. Unfortunately the priest had fallen off a ledge and somehow got the ropes that were used to ring the bell every Sunday wrapped around his neck and was now moving up and down every time the bells rang. When the hanging priest sees Jimmy walk into the bell room, he starts to claw at Jimmy, trying to get at him.
Jimmy points his hand gun at the priest and fires, blowing what’s left of his brains all over the place. The sound of the gun shot rings up through the bell tower. Jimmy drops the gun and grabs his hears as he drops to his knees. “Oh shit. That was fucking stupid.”
Hours Later Jimmy has found his way to the roof top of the town’s only grocery / hardware store. From here Jimmy is able to get a good view of the whole town. Jimmy is however without his faithful companion, Casper. Jimmy is kneeling down so that he cannot be spotted by any of the walkers passing by.
The town’s main street looks like a battle zone. There are vehicles over turned and burned out. Most all of the store and area businesses have been looted. Some of them are even burned down to the ground.
Even though the town’s people are rotted and decaying, Jimmy can still make out who they are, for example, he sees deputy sheriff Mason scuffing along, aimlessly down the middle of the road. Martin the barber is seen just standing in front of his barber shop, not doing a thing. He is just looking off into space and moaning. Willie the town drunk is on his belly, eating what looks like the remains of a rat. Willie’s legs are missing. As Jimmy looks down the other end of the street he sees the biggest walker he has ever seen since they started to inhabit the earth. The walker looks to be four hundred pounds of rotting flesh. Jimmy just so happens to know this walker’s name too, Donna. She was the school’s cafeteria cook. She wasn’t as fat back then. Donna must have gorged herself on as many of the living as she could find before the living became scarce.
“You fat fuck. I never did like your cooking.” Jimmy whispers to himself.
As Jimmy continues to watch and take in the undeadly sights, he reaches down, picks up a can of chipotle BBQ style bake beans and with a hand can opener, he carefully opens them, taking great care as to not alert the walkers. Once the can is open, Jimmy wastes no time with a spoon, he pours some of the can into his mouth.
After a few mouth full’s bake beans Jimmy puts the can down and as he does, he hears Casper barking as he runs down the street full of walkers. Casper is covered in blood.
The walkers slowly turn to face the barking dog. Casper takes out a few of the walkers as he runs down Main Street.
Jimmy sits up and watches but then notices a road block coming at Casper a little ways down the street in the form of a four hundred pound walker named Donna. Jimmy knows that Casper can take care of himself but not if him and Donna meet. Donna will rip Jimmy’s best friend apart and he’s not about to let that happen.
Jimmy reaches down and picks up a homemade spud gun that he learned how to make in science class. Jimmy puts a potato into the barrel of the spud gun and takes aim at the four hundred pound walker called Donna. He fires but misses. The potato hits a walker in the head that was standing next to Donna. The potato turns to mashed potatoes with a little walker brains mixed in as it hits the nearby walker. The walker collapses into a motionless pile on the ground. Casper is getting closer to Donna with each passing second. Jimmy quickly picks up another potato and loads it into his spud gun then fires. This time the potato gets a piece of Donna, tarring off her rotting nose as it whizzes by her but it’s not enough to take the overweight walker down.
“Fuck!” Jimmy tells himself.



Jimmy's spud gun




If you want to read the whole story become a beta reader.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Proper Introduction

     For those of you who don't know me or think you do, I'll get the introductions out of the way first.
     My name is Ron Chapman. I'm a 44 year old butcher who's been in the meat business for 15 plus years(too long for me). I'm a married father of 3 boys whom I would move mountains for if need be. We also have 1 dog and 2 guinnea pigs.
     When I'm not working, being a father or writing I can be found at;
@RonMtDew (twitter)
Facebook under Ron Chapman
KLOUT under Ron Chapman
There you will find more information about me and my books.
     Ever since I was a kid and seen An American Werewolf In London for the first time, that was it. I was hooked on horror and from then on I've always wanted to write horror and do it my way but being a kid at the time, I got side tracked with growing up. It took me awhile but a few years ago, about 16 to be exact, I started to write my first story which I turned into a screen play. I finished it, got an agent to represent me (William Kirwin). But that's it, stupid me pussy footed around and never went any further. Hell I don't even know if William remembers me. None the less, I'm back to writing, looking for another agent and publisher or what ever it'll take to get the stories out of my head and into your hands.
     The books that I am currently working on are;
Kringle (finished)
Raggedy Ann (out lining stages)
Twisted Madness (collection of short stories, out lining stages)
Cerebrum ( a collection of exerts and what nots)

     The subject matter that I write about isn't meant for a child to read, an older teenager maybe but not a child. And if an adult doesn't like my stories, they don;t have to read them either. You will also never find my books in a school library, for obvious reasons.
     My stories have to do with horror and they are dark and angry in nature. If you want something happy go read Dr Seuss or Winnie the Pooh because you wont find happiness here.
     I didn't start writing to please everyone, just someone.
 Raggedy Ann
     I understand that not everyone will like the things that I write about and I understand that I may make an enemy or two along the way (because some of my stories contain actual events and people from my life) but i will not filter the stories I write nor will I hold my tongue. The profanity will roll off my tongue like water and into my stories.
 Inspiration for Vixen and Prancer

 Mrs Kringle
     My stories will have nudity and sex. There will be decapitation and castration. Some of my stories will deal with bestiality and cannibalism. If you're lucky, you'll even read about how Mrs. Kringle (also known as Mrs. Claus) looks like in the nude and the magic she can do with her tongue.

     I will even breath life into every little girl's favorite doll.

 Raggedy Ann

Raggedy Ann



     I will take you to hell and back with my stories. Fuck, I'll even show you things that only exist in my head. You have but only to sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride because what I have to tell you in my books will shock you.



This is my world. You have been invited into it so now sit back and enjoy it.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Raggedy Ann synopsis

Alright, like I had said earlier, I would post a synopsis of my second book in the works, RAGGEDY ANN, so here it is.
Nina is a five year old girl living every child's dream. She lives in a town where everybody knows everyone and on top of that, the whole town is made up entirely of circus performers. Except for a few colorful characters you would never know it until the sun goes down and the lights come on because that is when the magic begins.

She is a circus performer along with her parents who also perform at the circus as well. Nina works along side her mother as a little mime in training, doing and coping everything her mother does. Nina's mother works as a mime in and around the circus. Nina's mother also doubles as Nina's father's assistant. Nina's father is an expert knife thrower who is known to be able to split a single hair on a human head.
Nina is always surrounded by clowns, elephants, tigers, fire breathers, jugglers, giants, magicians and anything else having to do with the circus. What more could a five year old want. Every day is magical. It's like one big party for Nina and she is the center of attention.
That is until it all came to an abrupt end. After an uninterrupted thirteen year sleep Nina has woken up with no recollection of how she got to where she is or who she is. She must now find her way back to what's left of her past  
Here are some ideas of what I want Raggedy Ann to look like and what direction I want to take her and when I'm done, she will be a doll but not the kind you will want to play with.



 Raggedy Ann's dress

 Raggedy Ann's boots but imagine them with one inch spikes on them

More to come later.
(The heart is nothing personal to anyone. you'll just have to wait and see.)