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The Next Big Thing.


The Next Big Thing . . .      Kringle.

Welcome to the next big thing blog hop! Join the fun blog hopping our way through some new reads, including works in progress and new and upcoming releases. For those who haven't been part of a blog hop before, you read my blog and hop on over to the next blog link for more entertainment. Bloggers hand picked by yours truly!

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Part of the Blog Hop is to introduce you to my work in progress by answering ten interview questions.

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Ten Interview Questions for The Next Big Thing

What is the working title of your book?
It took me awhile to come up with a title for my book. I racked my brain trying to deside on a title then finaly desided on Kringle.


Where did the idea come from for the book?

A few things that happend to me when I was a teenager, my early twenties and the people that i used to work with led me to the idea of Kringle. Oh, and the love for the classic Christmas story; A Christmas Carol helped a little bit.


What genre does your book fall under?

I guess you can say Kringle falls under the horror / erotic genre but it's leaning more towards the horror side of things.


Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

I never realy thoought of who would play the 6 main characters in Kringle but I guess if i had to pick some one they would be;

 Taylor Swift would play Holly Kringle (wife of Kris Kringle)
I don't know their names but this is the look I'm going for, for Prancer and Vixen.
Eggnog would be played by Shorty Rossi from Pitt Boss.
There isn't anyone realy who could play an 8ft. Yeti named Frostbite so this character would be a CGI character made up of 3 different beast. A full grown silver back gorilla,

The Dooms Day character from Superman

and a Yeti. You put all 3 beasts together and you have my Yeti, named Frostbite. 
The 6th main character in Kringle could only be played by me. 

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

hummm... a one sentence synopsis of Kringle? There's a lot happening in Kringle to be put into one sentence but here I go. It's a story of one man's magical story of revenge and retribution with a lot of blood shed along the way


Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

I would like my book represented by an agent.


How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

Between the research and outlining of Kringle it took about 2yrs. to get it all on to paper then on to the computer.


What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

I don't think there's a book you could compare Kringle except for maybe A Christmas Carol but you would have to read my book to know why.


Who or what inspired you to write this book?

The things that happend to me in my past and my old job inspired me to write Kringle but it was my 3 wonderful kids and a comment made by my youngest is what kept me going. That comment was; "Daddy, why don't you quit your job so you can spend more time with me."


What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

Kringle holds many secrets to things that have happend in my life, my nightmares and what pisses my off. Many of thoughs things would normaly bore someone and that's why I've put a seasonal twist on it and only thoughs close to me will know what I mean when they read it. 


A brief excerpt from KRINGLE.


      Over by the crippled female hunter, the other hunters have spread out and are trying to get their bearings in the blizzard that has washed over their camp site. They too smell a faint odor of cinnamon, pine and hot apple cider and they too hear the jingle bells approaching their camp site.
      After a few minutes, all is quiet except the female hunter who is screaming for someone to help her. The jingle bells have stopped. The hunters listen intently until their visitors make them selves known. The first to appear, a very curvy woman, whose face, is hidden by a red hood. All you can make out are her red lips. The woman is five feet, ten inches tall. She has a size thirty four “C” chest, twenty three and a half inch waist and thirty six inch hips. She is wearing a female version of a Santa suit; a red crushed velvet, floor length dress with white fur trim around the bottom of the dress. The dress hugs the woman’s shapely hips and flares out at the bottom. She is wearing a red crushed velvet, one piece jump suit with an over sized hood that is hiding the woman’s face. The sleeves of the jump suit are long and also flare out at the elbow. She is wearing a thick, black leather belt around her waist. The woman’s foot wear is hidden by the deep, thick snow.
      As the mystery woman slowly makes her way into the camp and to the crippled woman, a set of identical twins step out from behind the woman. They too are also women and their faces are also hidden by hoods. The twins flank ether side of the first woman and walk in step with her. The twins both have size thirty four inch “B” chest, a twenty six inch waist and thirty four inch hips, a beauty that would put a smile on any man’s face then die with a hard on. The twins are both wearing an Eskimo styled, brown crushed velvet zipper front mini skirt that is cut somewhere between their crotch and the middle of their thigh. The zipper of the skirt is unzipped down to the bottom of their breasts. There’s an attached hood with white fur trim around the hood, sleeves and the bottom of the skirt. The twins are also wearing white mittens and knee high, white, crushed velvet boots that lace all the way up.
      The three women converge on the wounded female hunter first. The female hunter is still alive but barely. She can see, hear, smell, taste and hell, she can even feel every bit of pain surging through her shredded hand thanks to the infant Yeti, but she can not speak a word now, no matter how hard she tries. She can’t move a hair on her body ether. The woman is paralyzed from her head to her toes. There is a panicky look in the female hunter’s eyes that can not be described in words.
      The three women surround the wounded hunter like vultures around a dead carcass. The twins take their hoods off to reveal what is hidden by the hoods. Both just as beautiful as the other; straight, platinum blond hair that goes to the middle of their back, bright green eyes and rosy red cheeks from the cold weather. The only way to tell them apart is the choker with little silver jingle bells they’re wearing around their neck. One is wearing a green choker and the other twin is wearing a red choker.
      The twins smile at each other as the first woman kneels down to the female hunter’s level and talks to her in a soft comforting voice while she picks up the woman‘s shredded hand, careful not to get any blood on her. “Hello there. My name is Holly and these are my children; Prancer,” The twin with the green choker does a little curtsy. “And Vixen.” The other twin with a red choker around her neck also does a curtsies. “Oh, that’s a bad bite you have there.” Holly looks at the hunter’s shredded hand then lets it drop into the snow.
Holly smiles at the wounded hunter. “I bet you’re wondering what happened, why you can’t move.”
The other hunters are hollering for their wounded companion by name so that they might have a way to find her in the zero visibility weather. “Martha!”
      Hearing this, Holly, Vixen and Prancer look at each other with smiles then at the wounded hunter.
Holly explains to the Martha. “You see, my friend here has a neurotoxin poison in its body that it uses as a defensive weapon. It will kill you, but not before it shuts down your ability to move any part of your body or speak. You will however be able to experience everything else; sight, sound, smell, taste. You will even be able to feel every bit of pain in your body.” Holly makes a motion to the unconscious Yeti.
      Holly brushes some snow off of Martha’s face “My husband would have shown you mercy.”
Holly gently brushes Martha’s hair out of her eyes so that she can see, and then Holly stands back up. “He might have even forgiven you and your friends for what you did to the Yetis. Hell, I at one point might have forgiven you. But you see… my husband is no longer here and I don’t really give a fuck about you or your friends.”
      An angered Holly smiles at the paralyzed hunter.
      Without uttering a word and as if to read Holly’s mind, Prancer and Vixen start to kick snow onto Martha’s body until only her head is exposed to the cold weather.
      Martha’s hunter companions holler her name again. “Martha!” But because of the weather being the way it is, a total and complete white out, they still can not find her. Hell, they can’t even find each other.
Holly looks around then back to Martha‘s paralyzed body. “You and your friends showed the infant Yeti and his family no mercy, so I in return will do the same, starting with you, you fucking bitch.” Holly kicks snow onto the Martha’s face until she can no longer be seen. Holly then gives Martha’s snow covered face a stomp from her foot. Blood quickly stains the snow where Martha’s face is buried.
      Holly heads over to the cage with the infant Yeti in it while the Prancer and Vixen go their separate ways to take care of the rest of the hunters but not before they take turns stomping on Martha’s buried body as they walk over her.
As Holly approaches the small cage with the infant Yeti in it, the Yeti has come too and now cowers in the corner of the cage. Holly kneels down to open the cage. “Come on little fella, I won’t hurt you. You’re coming home with me so these bad people can’t hurt you any more.”
      Holly slowly reaches one hand into the cage, ever so slowly, careful not to scare the infant Yeti. At first the Yeti is hesitant then it slowly movies towards the strange woman. At first the Yeti moves just close enough so that it can smell Holly’s hand, then when the infant Yeti senses that there’s nothing to fear from the woman, he moves even closer so that she can touch him. Holly gently pets him on his head and notices the fresh scar along the one side of his face. There is both a sad and disgusted look on Holly’s face when she sees the Yeti’s wound.
      “That’s a good boy.” Holly tells the infant Yeti in a comforting voice so as not to scare the infant.
The Yeti smells Holly’s hand again and allows her to reach into the cage with her other hand to pick him up. Holly carefully tucks the Yeti into her arms like a new born baby. The Yeti does not resist but instead snuggles into Holly‘s arms as if Holly were his mother.
      Meanwhile, it is still a total white out, no one or nothing can be seen. The other hunters are still hollering for their friend Martha but she does not answer
      While Holly is rescuing the Yeti, Prancer and Vixen have gone after the other hunters. Unknown to them, the hunters are now the hunted.
      Prancer steps out of the thick and heavy snow fall and appears behind one of the hunters and in the blink of an eye, she snaps his neck with such an ease, the man’s neck might as well been a twig in her hands. When she is done, the man is now looking at her instead of looking forward. The hunter’s head is turned all the way around. His lifeless body drops into the deep white snow, never to get up again. Prancer disappears back into the snow from where she came.
Another hunter is caught off guard by Vixen’s beauty as she too steps out of the thick and heavy snow fall as if by magic. He drops his gun into the snow and just stands with his mouth wide open. If his mouth were any wider, you could have walked into it. Before the man has the time to react, Vixen rushes the hunter and grabs onto his balls with one hand and sinks her fingernails into them with a smile of great satisfaction on her face. Blood trickles down her fingers and pools into the palm of her hand where then it falls to the white snow, staining it red. The man screams in a high pitched voice as if his soul were taken from him. I guess you could say his soul was being taken.
      Vixen smiles at the hunter, kisses his cold, red cheek and gives a yank on his crotch, ripping out his man hood or his soul, how ever way you want to say it. It doesn’t matter though, it’s all the same. In order to shut the screaming hunter up, Vixen takes her hand full of goodies and stuffs everything into his mouth then with her other hand she delivers an uppercut to his chin, causing his mouth to slam shut, shattering all of his top and bottom teeth. The hunter falls back into the snow where he disappears. Like her sister, Vixen disappears into the snow.


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Kringle synopsis



      For the past eleven plus years, Walter has been at the same job as a meat cutter; eight hours a day, five days a week and working with a hand full of the worlds most irritating cock suckers to ever walk this Earth. It’s not like Walter is the type to cause trouble because he’s not. Being about 5’ 5”, he’s quiet and keeps to him self. Walter goes to work day after day, does what he has to then leaves. It’s the cock sucking ass holes that are the problem.
      If you were to classify the cock suckers Walter works with as monsters, they would be classified such as; Vampires, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide and the last monster being, Zombies. The Vampires where Walter works are people who like to suck things other than blood, if you know what I mean. The second monster classification is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide. That group of people will talk nice to your face but when they turn around… they’re a different person and ready to throw you under the bus. It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone is fare game. You can be as nice as can be and they will still shit all over you. The third and final monster classification are Zombies. These people like to ether stand around doing nothing or walk around all day at a snail’s pace moaning and groaning because they have to some kind of labor. The only time one of the Zombies will move fast and not complain about it is; coffee break, lunch break or quitting time.
      There are times when Walter has had his job threatened by the owner where he works because he stood up for what he thought was right.
      There isn’t a day that goes by that Walter isn’t pushed to his breaking point at work. There are times that Walter was pushed around so much that he wanted to take matters into his own hands. A few times Walter imagined what it would be like to stick his cutting knife so far up the ass of a few of the cock suckers that he works with and he imagined the knife caming out their mouth. Hell… when it came time to grind meat for ground beef, visions of co workers trashing around in the hopper danced through Walters head. All it would take is one slip of the hand and someone could loose their head on one of the band saws and no one would know. But Walter didn’t dare take matters into his hands as much as he wanted too for fear that he might loose his kids and his life because of it. So… basically, Walter was left with out any options, that is… until he met Holly and her family.
     When Holly married her toy making husband many years ago, she didn’t think she would ever need anyone else. They grew up together as children and grew old as husband and wife. Holly and her husband did not bear any children maternally but to Holly, it was a marriage made in heaven. Holly’s husband brought so much happiness and joy into her life, he completed her.
      Even when things got busy around the shop, Holly’s husband would always find time for her no matter how busy it got. A day didn’t go by that he didn’t hold Holly in his arms and tell her how much she ment to him and that he loved her with all his heart.
     Holly’s heart was filled with so much warmth and happiness that it was like being on cloud nine all the time, twenty four seven. Holly’s husband ment the world to her. He was everything to her.
     Years latter… Holly’s heart is now empty, sad and ice cold. Her days and nights are now spent crying, for her beloved husband is no more, her world is no more.
     Once they were bound by love… now they are separated by death.
     The love of Holly’s life was taken from her by the very people that her husband cared so much about other than her. Now, she will take from them the very same thing they took from her. No one will be safe; male, female, old or young.
I'm an aspiring author trying to write his own ticket to paradise. My first book will change the way you look at Christmas while my second book will give birth to everyone's favorite doll. It's not Chucky either.
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