Friday, May 30, 2014

Penning the Perfect Sunday

Penning the Perfect Sunday
       With summer coming I thought I would put away the horror stories for a few seconds and dish out a little bit of frozen delight or a little bit of non - sense, depending on how you look at it or who you ask. Some might even say that this is time wasted when I could have been working on another book. Well... I needed a break from all the chaos running rampant in my head.
       So, here I go, "Penning the Perfect Sunday", a comparison between writing a book and making a sunday ( you know, the hot fudge kind of sunday ).
       Do you know that writing a book can be compared to constructing a sunday? Now before you say this is stupid and I'm full of shit, hear me out.
       First I'll start with what goes into making a sunday then the comparison it has to writing a book.
       First you'll need some type of bowl to put everything in. Sundays come in all sizes, so the size of the bowl depends on how big you want your sunday. A spoon to stuff it all into your mouth will be nice. Now comes the ice cream. There are a couple of ways of doing this, you can go the traditional route and use plain vanilla ice cream or you can be adventurous and use one or a few of the hundreds of already flavored ice creams.

       How big your sunday is also depends on how much ice cream you put into your bowl; one scoop, two scoop, three scoop, four, you decide. Now comes the toppings and there's a wide variety to choose from. You have the traditional flavors; hot fudge, caramel, and strawberry but if you are the type to think out side of the bowl there is pineapple, raspberries, blueberries, Cherry's and peanut butter. The toppings are endless.
       Okay, we have a bowl, spoon, some ice cream and toppings, now if you want to be real adventurous there is also the option of adding EXTRA toppings like; sprinkles, crushed cookies, M & M's, chocolate chips and brownies.
       When you're satisfied with all the fixings for your sunday there is the whip cream, out of the can or tub, it doesn't matter. It's your sunday, so what ever you like, goes.
       Alright, we now have a bowl, a spoon to eat the cocktail of heavenly goodness with, some ice cream, toppings, extra toppings and whip cream, now just one last thing to finish the sunday and that would be... a nice, red round cherry on top of the mountain of sinful delight.

       Now the comparison.
       Your bowl in the writer's world would be a tablet of paper or a computer of some sorts. Just like putting in the amount of ice cream determines how big your sunday will be, how many words a writer puts into his book determines how big his book will be. The spoon to a writer would be a pen / pencil or a key board. The flavor toppings being put onto a sunday could be the genre of the book; horror, comedy, children's, erotic, romantic, adventure and so on. The whip cream and EXTRA toppings are the characteristics of his / her characters in the story. Now just like finishing off a sunday by putting a cherry on top, to a writer... his / her cherry on top is the book cover.
       Now try building your own sunday and while you're at it, try penning your own perfect sunday.
      That my friends is my comparison of making a sunday to writing a book. That what you get when a writer stops writing his books to write some non - sense.
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