Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Raggedy Ann synopsis

Alright, like I had said earlier, I would post a synopsis of my second book in the works, RAGGEDY ANN, so here it is.
Nina is a five year old girl living every child's dream. She lives in a town where everybody knows everyone and on top of that, the whole town is made up entirely of circus performers. Except for a few colorful characters you would never know it until the sun goes down and the lights come on because that is when the magic begins.

She is a circus performer along with her parents who also perform at the circus as well. Nina works along side her mother as a little mime in training, doing and coping everything her mother does. Nina's mother works as a mime in and around the circus. Nina's mother also doubles as Nina's father's assistant. Nina's father is an expert knife thrower who is known to be able to split a single hair on a human head.
Nina is always surrounded by clowns, elephants, tigers, fire breathers, jugglers, giants, magicians and anything else having to do with the circus. What more could a five year old want. Every day is magical. It's like one big party for Nina and she is the center of attention.
That is until it all came to an abrupt end. After an uninterrupted thirteen year sleep Nina has woken up with no recollection of how she got to where she is or who she is. She must now find her way back to what's left of her past  
Here are some ideas of what I want Raggedy Ann to look like and what direction I want to take her and when I'm done, she will be a doll but not the kind you will want to play with.



 Raggedy Ann's dress

 Raggedy Ann's boots but imagine them with one inch spikes on them

More to come later.
(The heart is nothing personal to anyone. you'll just have to wait and see.)