Sunday, March 30, 2014


      A friend of mine asked me if I would take part in a blog tour that she was also doing. I said "sure". How could I say no. So... today is my turn at the blog tour so here I go.
      The blog tour is where writers and authors answer questions about their writing process. My friend Ryter Rong posted hers last week. You can check her writing process out at;
      I just got my first book published with Imaginary Publishing. The title of my book is; Kringle, a twisted Christmas tale. It's a horror story with a little bit of Christmas cheer tossed in. If you like horror and Christmas, you'll like Kringle. It's got the best of both worlds then some. You can find it at; .The next story I'm working on is called Scarecrow, with a third book not too far behind called Twisted Madness and then a fourth book called Raggedy Ann which will probably be turned into two book.
      Even though my books are of the horror genre, I try to push the boundaries of being twisted, demented and dark. I try to take my stories to another level of horror. I take things that are happy and joyful and turn them into dark and demented things that can only be found in my head.
      Well... I've always loved horror ever since I was a kid. When I was a kid, I told my self that I wanted to write when I got older and write stories how I think they should be written. Now that I'm older, I'm in the position to do so starting with Kringle. Writing what I do is also my therapy. It's how I vent and pour my anger into.
      Well lets see, I don't write a story from start to end. I usually start with the ending then the middle or beginning and then I let the other scenes of the book fall into place like a puzzle. I will take all kinds of notes and research first, putting everything on paper then when I think I'm done, I'll start to put it all together on the computer.  
Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my turn at the blog tour

Wednesday, March 26, 2014



   When I was a kid, I used to dream a lot, just like any other boy my age. I dreamed about many things, some of which I can't remember but there are three that stick out in my mind really well.


One of the dreams that comes to mind is that I always wanted to be a super hero with super strength and be able to fly. The second dream was to one day go to Walt Disney World with my family which at the time was my mom, dad and three sisters. The third dream that I can remember always having when I was a kid was to be a writer and write all kinds of stories.

   Even though I am now 44 ( so says my wife. I still think she is wrong. ) I never did become a super hero with super strength or fly but in 2010 I did go to Walt Disney World. It wasn't with my mom, dad or sisters but I did take my wife and three sons. That was the BEST vacation ever. As of March 21, 2014 at 1am another long time dream came true. I became a published Author for Imaginary Publishing.
Cover artist; RYAN CHAPMAN
Cover model; RYTER RONG
Publisher; Heart Powered Publishing
Agent; FL HOPE ( FAITH )
   I can't begin to describe how I felt when my publisher texted me and told me that Kringle had been released and then to hear my wife screaming and hollering for joy when I called her on my lunch break,
   My point being... except for not being a super hero, dreams do come true. All you have to do is dream and don't just dream, dream big because the sky IS NOT the limit. And also, don't let anyone tell you no or tell you different because they are the sorry asses that wish they had followed their dream but didn't. They are the dream killers.
   Remember though, that's all a dream will ever be is just a dream unless you wake up and make your dreams a reality. I did.

This is my world. You have been invited into it. So now, sit back and enjoy.


Thursday, March 13, 2014



After working the job I did for eleven plus years along side the same people five days a week, eight hours a day, any normal person would have spent hundreds of dollars on nerve pills and psychiatrists, me... I wrote a book and named it Kringle. Kringle was my nerve pill, my psychiatrist and my therapy.


            Kringle is about a disgruntled butcher by the name of Walter who’s been working at the same job for eleven plus years. When Walter is pushed to his breaking point by his coworkers he is afraid to do anything for fear of losing his family. Without any solution as to what to do, Walter has nowhere to turn that is until he meets Holly and her family from up North.
            Together with a little bit of A Christmas Carol, some well known holiday legends and a few secrets from my past thrown in, Kringle is a story like no other.

Written by; Ron Chapman
Edited / Published by; Imaginary Publishing
Cover artist; Ryan Chapman
Cover model; Ryter Rong
Pages 270 (unofficial)      Word count; 82,077 (unofficial)
Genre; Horror (An autobiography with a seasonal twist)
Sex scenes; 11
Kill count; 59 murders give or take a few bodies
By way of;
shot, neurotoxin / frozen. broken neck, beaten with gun,
loss of blood, pushed over cliff, smoke inhalation, speared,
impaling, female genital mutilation, hit n run, crushed,
frozen to death / heart attack, heart ripped out, pear of anguish,
beaten, stabbed, ice balls, shot with arrows and emasculation


As I wrote each scene in Kringle, each of these songs played along in my head as if it were the sound track to Kringle.

Sound Track
Don't cha
Psycho circus
Bring me to life
Smack that
Take it off
My immortal
Pour some sugar on me
Come to me
Russian roulette
I was made for lovin you
Into the night
Enter the sandman
Put it down on me
Silent night
Justify my love
Little drummer boy
Only girl (in the world)

A few words from my beta readers

"In shock this came from you."

"I love it."

"Kind of has a Stephen King feel to it."

"Watch out Stephen King, new competition coming your way."

"It's off the hook." my publisher / agent, FAITH

Pear of anguish

Prancer & Vixen

A few words from the world of the famous

About two years ago when I was nearing the end of the writing process for Kringle I was contacted by way of twitter from a famous violinist who plays for the Trans Siberian Orchestra. His name is Roddy Chong. He wished me all the luck and success with Kringle. Now that's not much but it was something. Even though I was excited to get that, I was stupid and didn't save the actual tweet from him. Oh well. I will learn from my mistakes.

Prancer & Vixen

Here is some cover art work that didn't make it.

This has been a KISS - N - TELLING UNDER THE MISTLETOE, Kringle style. Now you'll have to read the book. This blog post was meant to be something like in a nut shell. Hope you liked it. Leave a comment and let me know what you thought.

Prancer & Vixen

This is my world. You have been invited into it. So now, sit back and enjoy.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kringle, A Twisted Christmas Tale. Who is the real angry, demented,twisted one?

Kringle, A Twisted Christmas Tale.
Who is the real angry, demented, twisted one?

         I've been asked a few times where the idea for Kringle came from because Kringle is an angry and demented (as described by some) story. Oh and by the way, I'll take that as a huge compliment seeing that that's what I set out to do. Kringle has surprised my family and friends because they all know me as someone who is quiet and keeps to himself. I guess they don't know me too well now do they.
        Now let me give you an idea of where Kringle originated without ruining the story for you.
costume design for Holly Kringle.
         The longest I've ever worked for someone has been eleven plus years and in that eleven plus years I can count on one hand how many friends I've made where I used to work those eleven plus years but for everyone else whom I did not consider to be a friend... now that's where the idea for Kringle came into existence along with my love for A Christmas Carol and a seasonal twist.

The twins, Prancer & Vixen
         I've had a few jobs before this past one but never has anyone of them pissed me off to the point where I wanted to do mean, evil and unthinkable things to the other co - workers, the same people that the majority of Kringle is about.
         Why didn't I just quit my job and find another one you might ask, well I'll tell you why, $13.75 an hour / 40hr work week, three vacation weeks, two sick days, I think. We got payed holidays off. On Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter all the workers got a ham or turkey depending on the holiday. Every Christmas a couple hundred dollars were slipped into my back pocket with a Merry Christmas and we had one of the best insurance plans around. That all lasted until the owners decided to sell the business and not tell us until a week before the doors closed for good.


A play toy you'll find in Kringle.
         With that said, some of my beta readers have also described Kringle as being angry, demented and twisted. Now... who is the real angry, demented, twisted one? The author who wrote Kringle or the people, places and events that inspired the birth of Kringle, A Twisted Christmas Tale?
         Read Kringle, A Twisted Christmas Tale and you decide.

Holly Kringle

Another play toy found in Kringle.

Holly Kringle
This is my world. You have been invited into it so now sit back and enjoy it.