Wednesday, March 26, 2014



   When I was a kid, I used to dream a lot, just like any other boy my age. I dreamed about many things, some of which I can't remember but there are three that stick out in my mind really well.


One of the dreams that comes to mind is that I always wanted to be a super hero with super strength and be able to fly. The second dream was to one day go to Walt Disney World with my family which at the time was my mom, dad and three sisters. The third dream that I can remember always having when I was a kid was to be a writer and write all kinds of stories.

   Even though I am now 44 ( so says my wife. I still think she is wrong. ) I never did become a super hero with super strength or fly but in 2010 I did go to Walt Disney World. It wasn't with my mom, dad or sisters but I did take my wife and three sons. That was the BEST vacation ever. As of March 21, 2014 at 1am another long time dream came true. I became a published Author for Imaginary Publishing.
Cover artist; RYAN CHAPMAN
Cover model; RYTER RONG
Publisher; Heart Powered Publishing
Agent; FL HOPE ( FAITH )
   I can't begin to describe how I felt when my publisher texted me and told me that Kringle had been released and then to hear my wife screaming and hollering for joy when I called her on my lunch break,
   My point being... except for not being a super hero, dreams do come true. All you have to do is dream and don't just dream, dream big because the sky IS NOT the limit. And also, don't let anyone tell you no or tell you different because they are the sorry asses that wish they had followed their dream but didn't. They are the dream killers.
   Remember though, that's all a dream will ever be is just a dream unless you wake up and make your dreams a reality. I did.

This is my world. You have been invited into it. So now, sit back and enjoy.


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