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Kringle, A Twisted Christmas Tale. Who is the real angry, demented,twisted one?

Kringle, A Twisted Christmas Tale.
Who is the real angry, demented, twisted one?

         I've been asked a few times where the idea for Kringle came from because Kringle is an angry and demented (as described by some) story. Oh and by the way, I'll take that as a huge compliment seeing that that's what I set out to do. Kringle has surprised my family and friends because they all know me as someone who is quiet and keeps to himself. I guess they don't know me too well now do they.
        Now let me give you an idea of where Kringle originated without ruining the story for you.
costume design for Holly Kringle.
         The longest I've ever worked for someone has been eleven plus years and in that eleven plus years I can count on one hand how many friends I've made where I used to work those eleven plus years but for everyone else whom I did not consider to be a friend... now that's where the idea for Kringle came into existence along with my love for A Christmas Carol and a seasonal twist.

The twins, Prancer & Vixen
         I've had a few jobs before this past one but never has anyone of them pissed me off to the point where I wanted to do mean, evil and unthinkable things to the other co - workers, the same people that the majority of Kringle is about.
         Why didn't I just quit my job and find another one you might ask, well I'll tell you why, $13.75 an hour / 40hr work week, three vacation weeks, two sick days, I think. We got payed holidays off. On Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter all the workers got a ham or turkey depending on the holiday. Every Christmas a couple hundred dollars were slipped into my back pocket with a Merry Christmas and we had one of the best insurance plans around. That all lasted until the owners decided to sell the business and not tell us until a week before the doors closed for good.


A play toy you'll find in Kringle.
         With that said, some of my beta readers have also described Kringle as being angry, demented and twisted. Now... who is the real angry, demented, twisted one? The author who wrote Kringle or the people, places and events that inspired the birth of Kringle, A Twisted Christmas Tale?
         Read Kringle, A Twisted Christmas Tale and you decide.

Holly Kringle

Another play toy found in Kringle.

Holly Kringle
This is my world. You have been invited into it so now sit back and enjoy it.





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